Jesus doesn't meet Jewish Messianic Requirments— Closer look at Christianity (2)


  1. Introduction — Part 0
  2. Jewish Concept of the Messiah — Part 1
  3. Jesus doesn’t meet Jewish Requirments — Part 2
  4. Divinization of Jesus — Part 3
  5. Jesus Sacrifice — Part 4
  6. Paulian Christianity (upcoming) — Part 4
  7. Conclusion — Part 5

This part mainly looks at whether Jesus met the properties of the first article.

Jesus doesn’t meet the requirements

From Jesus it is said he was very well known in the Law, he is called teacher, Prophet, and wise person. Also, he was judging with compassion, rightfulness and was seen as the Messiah by many in his time.

Given those facts, on the contrary, Jesus was not a great political leader, he wasn’t a King, didn’t restore the Tempel, didn’t create a Jewish state with Jewish laws, didn’t reform the court system. Also, the Messianic age introduced by Jesus didn’t fulfill the requirements of Olam Ha-Ba. There is no world without murder, robbery, competition, jealousy, and sin (Zephaniah 3:13). Not all people serve, recognize, know the one true G-d (Isaiah 2:3; 11:10; Micah 4:2–3; Zechariah 14:9). People do not live peacefully together (Isaiah 2:4). And on the contrary, Jews were not brought back from exile, they became in exile and were spread among the earth for 2000 years while during the High Middle Ages in Europe there was full-scale persecution of Jews in many places, with blood libels, expulsions, forced conversions, and massacres (during crusades, Rhineland massacre, black death, holocaust, and MiddleEast (see Wiki for more). The idea of the Olam Ha-Ba failed miserably if Jesus was to be the Messiah.

There is No Second Comming

The claim that Jesus will fulfill the Messianic prophesies when he returns does not give him any credibility for his “first” coming. The Old Testament never speaks about the Messiah returning after an initial appearance. The “second coming” theory is a desperate attempt to explain away Jesus’ failure in fulfilling the requirements. The Biblical passages don’t speak of someone returning, they have a “first coming” perspective. This reasoning is not falsifiable, when arguing this, any person can claim to be the Messiah and fulfill things when he returns.

Wrong Geneology

As we have seen Jesus must have come from the line of David. There are two geologies in the new testament: Mat. 1:18–23 2 / Luke 3:23–38. Those two have many issues with scriptures.

  1. There is no Biblical basis for the idea of a father (Joseph) passing on his tribal line by adoption.
  2. Joseph could never pass on by adoption that which he doesn’t have. Because Joseph descended from Jeconiah (Mat. 1:11) he fell under the curse of that king that none of his descendants could ever sit as king upon the throne of David. (Jeremiah 22:30; 36:30)
  3. There is no evidence that Mary descends from David.
  4. Tribal affiliation goes only through the father, not the mother. Cf. Num. 1:18; Ezra 2:59.
  5. According to the Bible, the Messiah must be a descendent of David through his son Solomon (II Sam. 7:14; I Chron. 17:11–14, 22:9–10, 28:4–6) The third chapter of Luke is useless because it goes through David’s son Nathan, not Solomon. (Luke 3:31)
  6. Christians claim Jesus is the High Priest while a High priest can only come from the line of Levi.

Jesus as High Priest

If Jesus was a member of the tribe of Judah (Matt 1:3, Luke 3) he lacked the Aaronic lineage of the biblically legitimate priesthood.




Programmer, problem solver, learning everyday. I write about anything mainly to straighten my own thoughts.

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Timon Post

Timon Post

Programmer, problem solver, learning everyday. I write about anything mainly to straighten my own thoughts.

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